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Uates Leadership Benchmark

Discover your leadership potential

For whom?

Team leaders, manager and directors. Project leaders and program managers. C-level executives, board mebers.

For everyone who leads and wants to know more about leadership in general and your own leadership in particular

Can I join?

Yes, anyone can participate. We only ask you to complete an ODC (Odin Development Compass). (If you never did one already)
We use the data from the ODC to make the benchmark.
So you will soon be able to see where you stand in relation to other professionals.

Hoe much time does it take?

10 minutes, yes indeed 10 minutes.

I have already an ODC?

That's great, because it means that we use your existing ODC.
You can choose to to a "refresh" to make the ODC up to date.

What happens with my data?

Your data is processed anonymously in the benchmark. Nobody has access to that. We don't share it or process it otherwise.

I want to join?

You would like to participate in the benchmark, which is great. Any contribution is welcome, and we hope our reports will help you develop your unique qualities as well.

To participate, the first step is: register with us or login.

If you have already received an email from us or are known to us in another way, it may be that you already have a login. Please login and check the data we have. Update it if necessary.

If you are not known, please fill in the registration form. To prevent abuse, you will receive an email to confirm your new application. You will then receive your login details.

When registering, the check marks are automatically set to "on" for the benchmark. You will then automatically participate and you will also have access to the benchmark reports.

If you have indicated that you do not have a ODC, or if you want to renew the ODC, you will automatically receive an invitation for the ODC.

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