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Do you want to know what the potential of talent is in your organisation?

And a lot more….

The value of unused talent

Know what kind of talent you have in your organisation. And above all, knowing which part of that talent is not being used. We clarify that for you.

So that you better understand where the strength of your organisation lies. Which talents you can build on, and which talents you can develop. So that you know what inspires people and where they drop out. So you know why people like to keep working or leave. So that you know what the appeal of your organisation can be on the labour market, and where you can find it

People expect to be able to fulfil a complex of needs in their work: belonging, continuity, identity, intimacy, attention, being heard, social status, economic support. And people expect support in our personal development. An almost impossible task, the consequences of which are felt, but not always understood.

By working from the perspective of people's potential. And to focus on their talents. You can create an organisation based on a development-oriented culture and leadership. Organisations that, according to research, perform significantly better than organisations that do not have development-oriented environments.

Not only for the entire organisation, but also at department level, specific professional groups, or management and executives.

We show the talent for different roles and skills. From experts to managers, from professionals to leadership. Together with you, we determine in advance which groups are of interest to you. And our benchmark report shows where you stand based on that. And where you stand in relation to other organisations.

We know that the best organisations maximise the potential of their people. We also know that a development-oriented organisation shows better results than non-development-oriented organisation. And we know that management's focus on people development is an important indicator of the organisations long-term success.

It is time

It is time.

So we believe it's time to give organisations the option to measure their talent in their own organisation. By participating in this benchmark study you give yourself the opportunity to gain insight into the talent and

development potential of your organisation.
We think this is important. We see too many people getting sick. Getting into labor disputes. We see organisations struggling with the quality and commitment of their people. We see the difficult situation in the labor market. We don't get any better than this.

We want to make a positive contribution. By doing what we are good at. Measure and provide insight. Insight that can help you make better choices. So that people in the organisation can develop. To use their full potential. That leadership is better able to deal constructively with people. That there is no question of a culture of fear or a sick organisation.

And our advantage? We do this so that we can show our knowledge and expertise. So that you can become acquainted with our measurement and the associated reports. Whether and how you make further use of it is entirely up to you.

Our benchmark report is a full report with a talent and potential analysis of the groups you specify. Complete and immediately usable in your organisation.

What is next?

Please contact us so we can discuss things.

  • An hour to discuss the set-up and implementation of the benchmarking process:
  • Communication in your organisation about the purpose and set-up of the benchmark study.
  • A list of names, email addresses, departments and role in electronic format.
  • The organisation can optionally indicate groups and subgroups. Maximum 5 in total. The smallest group size is 10 people.

What are we going to do then:

  • The name list is loaded into our system. Each participant will receive an invitation to complete the measurement. This takes about 10 minutes.
  • Two follow-up emails will be sent after the invitation email if someone does not participate. If nothing has been entered yet, the participant will be removed from the system.
  • The measurements are processed anonymously into a talent potential report for the entire organisation and possibly groups and subgroups.
  • The report is made available to the organisation. Our experts will discuss the measurement further with you in a joint consultation.


We comply with all AVG legislation and regulations. The participant owns the personal measurement data, only the participant has access on an individual level. This also means that only the participant has access to the personal measurement results. Only a participant himself can make a measurement result visible to a coach, supervisor, colleague or supervisors. This guarantees confidentiality at an individual level. By participating, the participant gives permission to use the aggregated data. When mapping groups, we use a minimum group size of 12 people. So that the results cannot be traced back to a single person.


In the course of the program more and more organisations will have participated in the program. That means you don't just get your own reporting at organisational level. But that we can compare your data with the data of comparable organisations. As the number of participants grows, this means that you will receive six-monthly updates of the benchmark information for 18 months.


What does this cost? Your time in preparation. And completing the measurement by the people in the organisation (10 minutes per person). We also ask for a contribution of €1495 for guidance, reporting and any updates until the end of 2023.


Would you like to know more about this unique opportunity? Please contact us.

Rene de Baaij

Register yourself

Then you have access to this text in PDF. And to our program information. And by participating also to the benchmark results.

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