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Make your leadership a reality!

uātes the art of leadership

Leadership. The ability to bind people. To give people direction. To offer people perspective. To make people feel heard and seen. To make people part of something bigger than themselves. To let people form a community together. To offer people security in their existence. To offer people the space and support to develop.

This is important in people's lives and work. This is already difficult in the formal relationship between people and organisations. But in social reality, where we shape relationships through communication and interaction, this is even more difficult. Our individual perspective and the collective perspective determine what we think and feel when it comes to our position and our meaning.

The space for people to develop and develop is decisive for the success of an organisation. Those organisations that can do this achieves the best results. Have the healthiest employees. The highest productivity. The lowest absenteeism. Less turnover and greater attraction to potential employees.

Your leadership is decisive to get this done. And your leadership is at its most powerful when you know and feel what "your" leadership is. And how you can really use your leadership.

Make your leadership a reality. Use your personal talent to shape your future. Make your dreams come true. Grow beyond your limitations and become the leader you already are deep inside. Unlock your unique potential and experience what energy and flow give you in your life. Let boundaries blur and develop yourself into something you never thought possible.
Uates organises workshops, retreats and learning programs that are fully focused on developing your personal leadership. Based on your talents and potential. Working from your case studies and focused on your effectiveness. Uates focuses on people who have long experience in a leadership role. Who have acquired the necessary knowledge in training and courses.  And who have read or seen all that is necessary for themselves.People who want to grab their moment in which they can reflect on their leadership in slow time and learn what leadership means and can be to them.

This leadership is the core of leadership!

uātes the art of leadership

The key to human happiness and satisfaction lies in the ability to develop into a complete and wise person. We don't do this alone. We do this in relation to the people around us. Our development therefore has meaning for others. And are experienced as meaningful and decisive for their development.

This leadership is the core of leadership as we call it and experience it with our neighbours, in our work and in society. Slow and invisible or fast and disruptive. Developments in technology, the economy, society, and ecology produce the necessary fear, anger, and sadness in people.

To deal with this, we need new perspectives and choices to survive in the short and long term. Leadership is indispensable for this. Because leadership takes the responsibility to interpret the dynamics and complexity, to give or develop perspectives, and to encourage making the right choices.

Leadership as a role in the changes in large “systems”. And leadership as the ability to develop and develop into a complete and wise person are essentially the same. Everything is in motion.
(Self) research is central to uates. Your leadership in relation to your change and development task. That's what we're going to get started with. Together with the other participants who work on their leadership issues.

We learn from each other by sharing, questioning and developing new insights together. Insights that we will try in practice. To experience what works and what doesn't. What is or is not relevant.

Mutual research and in-depth dialogue.

uātes the art of leadership

You may agree with what you have read so far. Or do you have comments on this text? Or do you fundamentally disagree? Anyway, that's what we like to see.

We see Uates as a space in which people, together with others, look for their qualities and effectiveness in their personal and professional context. A space in which wisdom is gathered, and action perspectives are developed through mutual research and in-depth dialogue. Insights that help you to get closer to yourself, to be more empowered, and ultimately to be and become the leader you really are.

That means you don't go on a course where someone tells you what you need to know. That means you don't sit and listen to people who've already done it all. But that means that you will travel with others with all your knowledge and experience. And we want you to take all your knowledge and experience with you for yourself and for your travel companions.

It is our challenge to offer your travel group a travel itinerary. A journey that makes it possible to work intensively and in-depth on who you are, what you think and how you look at things. And how this all comes together when we look at it from a leadership perspective. A process in which we also contribute knowledge and experience. So that we make sure that it really is about something and that it really brings you something.
Don't teach, learn yourself. In-depth, focused on the essence of your leadership. That's what we stand for. This means that with your knowledge and experience, you mean as much to others as others do to you. That means that your input is just as valuable as the input of others. That means that your learning inspires others, just as others will inspire you. And based on our knowledge and experience with leadership, we go a step further. So that together we can go beyond our borders. In an area, we didn't know existed beforehand.

experienced and motivated people

uātes the art of leadership

Uates is a network of experienced and motivated people with a multidisciplinary background who share a passion for people and leadership.

People who like to have an in-depth and meaningful conversation about leadership development. Leadership at the individual level, leadership in groups and teams, and leadership in organisations and society.

To translate this together into new perspectives on leadership for people, teams, and the organisation. Perspectives that not only provide beautiful reflections, but also lead to an alternative repertoire of actions in people's leadership.

This is based on our strength and the talent that is released and deployed. So that energy is created to shape your leadership and to take your role and position.

So that eventually a stream of developments starts. Developments that enable you and your organisation to deal with the dynamics and complexity of our environment. And to take control of those developments.
Leadership is "hot". There is nowhere more management literature than leadership. Apparently, it's important. There are bookcases full of  “This is how you do it."  books that tell you how to be or become a good leader. But anyone dealing with leadership (and who isn't) knows it's not that simple. It is elusive, difficult to define, and multi-interpretable. And at the same time, we all know what it means. Time to determine for yourself what leadership means to you. And how you shape it in your own way. From your strength and potential.

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